Straight Talk on Tough Topics

by Chris Jackson
Publisher: Zondervan
Release Date: 1996-06-01
Genre: Religion
Pages: 120 pages
ISBN 13: 031020819X
ISBN 10: 9780310208198
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle
Tough topics. They stare young adults in the face every day. Racism. Crack cocaine. Babies having babies. Gansta rappers glorifying mindless violence and loveless sex. These are just a few of the pieces of a shattered society--pieces sharp enough to cut the young people you work with. Reverend Chris Jackson knows about the touch topics youth face. For over a decade, he's helped young African-American adults work through the temptations, decisions, heartbreaks, and obstacles posed by today's culture. In Straight Talk on Tough Topics, he gives frank answer that can make the difference in young lives. Packed with pointed information, questions to get your young people thinking and talking, and Scripture references that will help them build a solid foundation on God's Word, this is a handbook for wise, fruitful, and satisfying living. Turn to it when the topic your kids are dealing with is tough--for wisdom you can count on to steer them in the right directions.
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Richard Gaskin presents a work in the philosophy of language. He analyses what is distinctive about sentences and the propositions they express—what marks them off from mere lists of words and mere aggregates of word-meanings respectively. Since he identifies the world with all the true and false propositions, his account of the unity of the proposition has significant implications for our understanding of the nature of reality. He argues that the unity of the proposition is constituted by a certain infinitistic structure known in the tradition as 'Bradley's regress'. Usually, Bradley's regress has been regarded as vicious, but Gaskin argues that it is the metaphysical ground of the propositional unity, and gives us an important insight into the fundamental make-up of the world.
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The ‘Using storytelling to talk about...’ series is a collection of five easy-to-follow books which contain engaging interactive short stories, poems and songs specifi cally written to support learning and development of the three prime areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage. The stories and poems deal with Personal, social and emotional development and Physical development issues and experiences that the children would clearly relate to and discuss. Making relationships provides valuable storytelling advice and performance suggestions for each story or poem/song, enabling practitioners to not only develop effective storytelling skills, but also create a stimulating environment for the children to listen, participate and explore. It contains: * Eight original interactive themed stories and poems/songs * Concise EYFS learning objectives * EYFS reference chart, observation suggestions and record sheet. Each story or poem/song includes: * Storytelling suggestions, resources and set up * Discussion and ideas to reinforce the theme and story/poem * Consolidation ideas, e.g. role play, circle game, display, puppets * Related cross-curricular activities within the learning environment.
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More Precisely provides a rigorous and engaging introduction to the mathematics necessary to do philosophy. It is impossible to fully understand much of the most important work in contemporary philosophy without a basic grasp of set theory, functions, probability, modality and infinity. Until now, this knowledge was difficult to acquire. Professors had to provide custom handouts to their classes, while students struggled through math texts searching for insight. More Precisely fills this key gap. Eric Steinhart provides lucid explanations of the basic mathematical concepts and sets out most commonly used notational conventions. Furthermore, he demonstrates how mathematics applies to many fundamental issues in branches of philosophy such as metaphysics, philosophy of language, epistemology, and ethics.
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Find the answers to all your questions on raising children from 0-16 with expert tips and problem-solving strategies. When it comes to understanding children's behaviour and helping them grow into happy and confident individuals well-prepared for adult life, it pays to follow the advice and wisdom of Tanya Byron, expert professionals - and parents who know what it's like to raise children. Find out how to tame a toddler tantrum, the right amount of TV time for kids and how to encourage your child's independence. Packed with hundreds of real-life questions, answered with up-to-date information and knowledge, this expert guide covers everything you need to know, from babies to teenagers. It's like having your own parenting expert on call throughout your child's life.
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EFFECTIVE SELLING AND SALES MANAGMENT is designed for anyone with a product or service to sell, from entrepreneurs and small business people to managers of corporate sales groups. The first chapters feature effective sales techniques; then the book deals with how to recruit salespeople and build a powerful sales team. The chapters cover these topics: -Creating sales materials -Getting started -Selling techniques -Finding Leads -Using the telephone effectively -Effective presentations -Recruiting others to sell for you -Recruiting a sales manager -Recruiting your own sales team -Interviewing sales people -Orienting new sales people -Organizing new sales people -Setting up a training program -Coordinating sales activities -Keeping your sales group motivated -Providing extra assistance and support -Training sales people to train others