A Guide to the Indian Wars of the West

by John Dishon McDermott
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: History
Pages: 205 pages
ISBN 13: 9780803282469
ISBN 10: 080328246X
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle
A rich and detailed look at the wars that the United States conducted against its native population from 1860 to 1890 explores the fundamental circumstances of events, investigates the different responses of tribes to the conflict, and much more. Original. UP.
A Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest
Language: en
Pages: 448
Authors: Robert H. Ruby, John A. Brown, Cary C Collins
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-02-27 - Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

The Native peoples of the Pacific Northwest inhabit a vast region extending from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, and from California to British Columbia. For more than two decades, A Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest has served as a standard reference on these diverse peoples. Now, in the wake of renewed tribal self-determination, this revised edition reflects the many recent political, economic, and cultural developments shaping these Native communities. From such well-known tribes as the Nez Perces and Cayuses to lesser-known bands previously presumed "extinct," this guide offers detailed descriptions, in alphabetical order, of 150 Pacific Northwest tribes. Each entry provides information on the history, location, demographics, and cultural traditions of the particular tribe. Among the new features offered here are an expanded selection of photographs, updated reading lists, and a revised pronunciation guide. While continuing to provide succinct histories of each tribe, the volume now also covers such contemporary—and sometimes controversial—issues as Indian gaming and NAGPRA. With its emphasis on Native voices and tribal revitalization, this new edition of the Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest is certain to be a definitive reference for many years to come.
Fodor's The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West
Language: en
Pages: 936
Authors: Fodor's Travel Guides
Categories: Travel
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-04-22 - Publisher: Fodor's Travel

Fodor's correspondents highlight the best of the national parks of the West, including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, and Rocky Mountain. Our local experts vet every recommendation to ensure you make the most of your time, whether it’s your first trip or your fifth. MUST-SEE ATTRACTIONS from Old Faithful to Crater Lake PERFECT HOTELS for every budget BEST RESTAURANTS to satisfy a range of tastes GORGEOUS FEATURES on geysers and rafting the Colorado VALUABLE TIPS on when to go and ways to save INSIDER PERSPECTIVE from local experts COLOR PHOTOS AND MAPS to inspire and guide your trip
A Guide to Contemporary Plains Indians
Language: en
Pages: 48
Authors: Michal Strutin, Southwest Parks and Monuments Association
Categories: Travel
Type: BOOK - Published: 1998-01-01 - Publisher: Western National Parks Association

The Indian groups of the Plains continue to forge their distinct histories and traditions, melding older traditions with contemporary life. A Guide to Contemporary Plains Indians explores the many exciting cultural and recreational opportunities from Plains tribes. Readers will gain a historical understanding and learn about various activities available to the public. More than 65 color photographs illustrate the beautiful landscape these people call home.
The Four Winds Guide to Indian Trade Goods & Replicas
Language: en
Pages: 192
Authors: Preston E. Miller, Carolyn Corey
Categories: Antiques & Collectibles
Type: BOOK - Published: 1998 - Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited

Over 800 color photographs of trade goods to American Indians over 150 years are featured as well as trade beads, frontier & military goods, stone relics, photographs, paper, and modern replicas, all identified in detail with auction estimates and prices realized. These relics are avidly sought by museums and individuals alike. The authors trade at Four Winds Indain Trading Post, St. Ignatius, Montana. You cannot find a more accurate reference.
The Encyclopedia of North American Indian Wars, 1607–1890
Language: en
Pages: 1318
Authors: Spencer Tucker, James R. Arnold, Roberta Wiener
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-09-30 - Publisher: ABC-CLIO

This encyclopedia provides a broad, in-depth, and multidisciplinary look at the causes and effects of warfare between whites and Native Americans, encompassing nearly three centuries of history.
The Federal Legal Directory
Language: en
Pages: 547
Authors: Federal Reports Inc.
Categories: Administrative agencies
Type: BOOK - Published: 1990 - Publisher: Greenwood

Books about The Federal Legal Directory
The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Northeast
Language: en
Pages: 292
Authors: Kathleen Joan Bragdon
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2005 - Publisher: Columbia University Press

An overview of the cultures and histories of Northeastern Indian people that surveys the key scholarly debates that shape this field and offers an alphabetical listing of important individuals and places of significant cultural or historic meaning.
Language: en
Pages: 344
Authors: Michael A. Elliott
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008-10-01 - Publisher: University of Chicago Press

On a hot summer day in 1876, George Armstrong Custer led the Seventh Cavalry to the most famous defeat in U.S. military history. Outnumbered and exhausted, the Seventh Cavalry lost more than half of its 400 men, and every soldier under Custer’s direct command was killed. It’s easy to understand why this tremendous defeat shocked the American public at the time. But with Custerology, Michael A. Elliott tackles the far more complicated question of why the battle still haunts the American imagination today. Weaving vivid historical accounts of Custer at Little Bighorn with contemporary commemorations that range from battle reenactments to the unfinished Crazy Horse memorial, Elliott reveals a Custer and a West whose legacies are still vigorously contested. He takes readers to each of the important places of Custer’s life, from his Civil War home in Michigan to the site of his famous demise, and introduces us to Native American activists, Park Service rangers, and devoted history buffs along the way. Elliott shows how Custer and the Indian Wars continue to be both a powerful symbol of America’s bloody past and a crucial key to understanding the nation’s multicultural present. “[Elliott] is an approachable guide as he takes readers to battlefields where Custer fought American Indians . . . to the Michigan town of Monroe that Custer called home after he moved there at age 10 . . . to the Black Hills of South Dakota where Custer led an expedition that gave birth to a gold rush."—Steve Weinberg, Atlanta Journal-Constitution “By ‘Custerology,’ Elliott means the historical interpretation and commemoration of Custer and the Indian Wars in which he fought not only by those who honor Custer but by those who celebrate the Native American resistance that defeated him. The purpose of this book is to show how Custer and the Little Bighorn can be and have been commemorated for such contradictory purposes.”—Library Journal “Michael Elliott’s Custerology is vivid, trenchant, engrossing, and important. The American soldier George Armstrong Custer has been the subject of very nearly incessant debate for almost a century and a half, and the debate is multicultural, multinational, and multimedia. Mr. Elliott's book provides by far the best overview, and no one interested in the long-haired soldier whom the Indians called Son of the Morning Star can afford to miss it.”—Larry McMurtry
Guide to Photographs in the Western History Collections of the University of Oklahoma
Language: en
Pages: 254
Authors: Kristina L. Southwell, Jacquelyn Slater Reese
Categories: Photography
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-01-24 - Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

Begun in 1927 by University of Oklahoma history professor Edward Everett Dale, the Western History Collections gathers and preserves rare research materials for scholars in anthropology, Native American studies, Oklahoma history, and the history of the American West. This guide has been compiled to make the photographs in the collections more accessible. The second edition adds descriptions of 165 new collections comprising 159,000 photographs. The 826 photograph collections that this guide thus details encompass Native American culture; frontier and pioneer life in Oklahoma and Indian territories; Wild West shows; the range cattle industry; the petroleum industry; and gunfighters, outlaws, and lawmen. New additions include the Lucille Clough Collection of 1,800 prints, postcards, and stereograph cards of American Indians and Alaska Natives, and First Peoples of Canada.
The Columbia Guide to American Indian Literatures of the United States Since 1945
Language: en
Pages: 438
Authors: Eric Cheyfitz
Categories: Art
Type: BOOK - Published: 2006 - Publisher: Columbia University Press

The Columbia Guide to American Indian Literatures of the United States Since 1945 is the first major volume of its kind to focus on Native literatures in a postcolonial context. Written by a team of noted Native and non-Native scholars, these essays consider the complex social and political influences that have shaped American Indian literatures in the second half of the twentieth century, with particular emphasis on core themes of identity, sovereignty, and land. In his essay comprising part I of the volume, Eric Cheyfitz argues persuasively for the necessary conjunction of Indian literatures and federal Indian law from Apess to Alexie. Part II is a comprehensive survey of five genres of literature: fiction (Arnold Krupat and Michael Elliott), poetry (Kimberly Blaeser), drama (Shari Huhndorf), nonfiction (David Murray), and autobiography (Kendall Johnson), and discusses the work of Vine Deloria Jr., N. Scott Momaday, Joy Harjo, Simon Ortiz, Louise Erdrich, Leslie Marmon Silko, Gerald Vizenor, Jimmy Santiago Baca, and Sherman Alexie, among many others. Drawing on historical and theoretical frameworks, the contributors examine how American Indian writers and critics have responded to major developments in American Indian life and how recent trends in Native writing build upon and integrate traditional modes of storytelling. Sure to be considered a groundbreaking contribution to the field, The Columbia Guide to American Indian Literatures of the United States Since 1945 offers both a rich critique of history and a wealth of new information and insight.
The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge
Language: en
Pages: 1376
Authors: The New York Times
Categories: Reference
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-10-25 - Publisher: St. Martin's Press

A COMPLETE REVISION AND THOROUGH UPDATING OF THE ULTIMATE REFERENCE FROM THE NEWSPAPER OF RECORD. A comprehensive guide offering insight and clarity on a broad range of even more essential subjects. Whether you are researching the history of Western art, investigating an obscure medical test, following current environmental trends, studying Shakespeare, brushing up on your crossword and Sudoku skills, or simply looking for a deeper understanding of the world, this book is for you. An indispensable resource for every home, office, dorm room, and library, this new edition of The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge offers in-depth explorations of art, astronomy, biology, business, economics, the environment, film, geography, history, the Internet, literature, mathematics, music, mythology, philosophy, photography, sports, theater, film, and many other subjects. This one volume is designed to offer more information than any other book on the most important subjects, as well as provide easy-to-access data critical to everyday life. It is the only universal reference book to include authoritative and engaging essays from New York Times experts in almost every field of endeavor. The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge provides information with matchless accuracy and exceptional clarity. This new revised and expanded third edition covers major categories with an emphasis on depth and historical context, providing easy access to data vital for everyday living. Covering nearly 50 major categories, and providing an immediate grasp of complex topics with charts, sidebars, and maps, the third edition features 50 pages of new material, including new sections on * Atheism * Digital Media * Inventions and Discoveries * Endangered Species * Inflation * Musical Theater * Book Publishing *Wikileaks *The Financial Crisis *Nuclear Weapons *Energy *The Global Food Supply Every section has been thoroughly updated, making this third edition more useful and comprehensive than ever. It informs, educates, answers, illustrates and clarifies---it's the only one-volume reference book you need.
The Complete Roadside Guide to Nebraska
Language: en
Pages: 492
Authors: Alan Boye
Categories: Travel
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007-04-01 - Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

The second edition of The Complete Roadside Guide to Nebraska represents a major enlargement and revision of the first edition, making this the most comprehensive guide to the state ever written. The book covers over twelve thousand miles in all ninety-three counties of the ?state where the West begins.? Here readers can become acquainted with numerous folklore tales and discover the locations of thousands of historical sites, burials, pioneer roads, museums, and other wonders of the Cornhusker State.