Opening Our Hearts

Release Date: 2007
Genre: Adult children of alcoholics
Pages: 193 pages
ISBN 13: 9780910034470
ISBN 10: 0910034478
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle
"We can find hope from those who have walked this path before us. As we begin to heal from our losses, we in turn offer this same hope to others. Through our willingness to face our loss openly and honestly, we discover our strength and resilience - not despite it, but because of it"--Publisher.
Opening Our Hearts
Language: en
Pages: 193
Categories: Adult children of alcoholics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007 - Publisher:

"We can find hope from those who have walked this path before us. As we begin to heal from our losses, we in turn offer this same hope to others. Through our willingness to face our loss openly and honestly, we discover our strength and resilience - not despite it, but because of it"--Publisher.
Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses
Language: en
Pages: 208
Authors: Al-Anon Family Groups
Categories: Self-Help
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-12-21 - Publisher: Al-Anon Family Groups Inc.

Grief and loss affect almost every aspect of living—or having lived—with alcoholism. Members share how they have learned to acknowledge and accept these losses with the help of Al‑Anon Family Groups. Indexed
Modern Augustinian Confession
Language: en
Pages: 804
Authors: James Curtis Geist
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-12-29 - Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Geists memoir is written in the tradition of Saint Augustines book, Confessions. Confessions is considered the first Western autobiography chronicling the saints struggles with sin, lust, and his life in Christian ministry. With brutal honesty, Jim Geist shares stories of struggle with character defects, addiction, and obsessive-compulsive behavior. It is a series of antidotal stories from elementary school, little league sports, family stories, and funny stories from hunting camp, graduate school, ministry, and his job as a high school social studies teacher in New York City. In his fifteen years as an educator, dozens of students encouraged Mr. Geist to write a memoir because they found his stories interesting, humorous, and inspirational. He was voted Teacher of the Year in 2012 by his peers, the same year his assistant principal took him to arbitration to steal his livelihood for him speaking out against the change from teacher-centered teaching to classes becoming times of group work where most of the time was not being spent on the curriculum or preparing for the New York state exams. It is a memoir of his careers, marriage, divorce, heartbreak, relationships, human rights activism against genocide, and modern-day slavery. It is a story of an urban teacher, in the midst of changes in the public education paradigm and a failed political candidate shot with slings and arrows of dirty tricks and false charges. It has stories of arbitration and court battles and recovery from codependency through the twelve-step program, learning how to accept life on lifes terms. You will find yourself laughing on almost every page and identifying with many of the human conundrums we face in life because life is often stranger than fiction.
New Hope for Concussions TBI and PTSD
Language: en
Pages: 230
Authors: Dr. Lawrence D. Komer, Joan Chandler Komer
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-01-26 - Publisher:

If you or someone you love has had a concussion or traumatic brain injury, this book is for you. "New Hope for Concussions TBI & PTSD" is a powerful resource for the injured, the caregivers, the sporting world, the medical community, and those serving our veterans and others with PTSD. It is a book of hope for all those who have been told, "We are sorry but there is nothing more we can do."
How Al‑Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics
Language: en
Pages: 416
Authors: Al-Anon Family Groups
Categories: Self-Help
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-08-01 - Publisher: Al-Anon Family Groups Inc.

Al‑Anon’s basic book is ideal for sharing widely with newcomers as a way of “paying our gratitude forward.”
It's Not About You, Except When It Is
Language: en
Pages: 200
Authors: Barbara Victoria
Categories: Self-Help
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-10-16 - Publisher: Central Recovery Press, LLC

Straight-talking self-preservation tools and techniques for parents of addicts in or out of recovery.
Transforming Our Painful Emotions: Spiritual Resources in Anger, Shame, Grief, Fear and Loneliness
Language: en
Pages: 213
Authors: Evelyn Eaton Whitehead and James D. Whitehead
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-01 - Publisher: Orbis Books

This is an exceptionally lucid and practical resource from this skilled team of psychologist and pastoral theologian. They exhort readers to live life wide awake, and help them do just that.
Where All Our Journeys End
Language: en
Pages: 176
Authors: C. Lynn Anderson
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008-03 - Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Where All Our Journeys End: Searching for the Beloved in Everyday Life explores our need to connect and reconnect with the Divine and all that has been graced by her. In these writings, we remember who and what we are in our blessings of being human beings entrusted to co-create; human beings who are divine sparks of the divine essence; human beings who love, passionately love, all of creation. For the Beloved is our ultimate destiny, where all our journeys truly do end. This book captures the audience with the grace of God/Goddess as the reader is taken chapter by chapter on a journey into healing. Written in a passionate, holistic voice, with personal and professional stories, Where All Our Journeys End projects a natural rhythm, expressed in the ebb and flow of its prose and poetry, which transforms thinking into being and doing for the Beloved in discovery and recovery. ADVANCED REVIEWS AND ENDORSEMENTS "C. Lynn Anderson makes a highly significant contribution to the understanding and practice of a spirituality which can support our journey through the major paradigm shift needed for humanity and Earth to thrive in the 21st Century. She brings extraordinary depth and breadth of intellect, clarity and beauty of expression to the discovery of a creation-centered spirituality that can nurture and encourage the reader in compassionate and sustainable living." J. Melvin Bricker, D.Min., Former Vice President of Academic Affairs, The University of Creation Spirituality, Oakland, CA. "Beautifully written! C. Lynn Anderson gives voice to the creation story and colors it with her hue of compassion." Ana Perez-Chisti, Ph.D, National Representative of the Sufi Movement International and Chair of the Ph.D. Global Studies Department - Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. "C. Lynn Anderson has written an eloquent and inspirational book on how to live a deeply spiritual life that honors diversity while affirming fundamental unity. She powerfully integrates the insights of psychology with the wisdom of the world's religious traditions. Many of her personal insights are expressed in beautiful poems." Charles M. Burack, Ph.D., Chair of Liberal Arts and Director of the B.A. Psychology Program, John F. Kennedy University, former faculty at Naropa University, and author of D. H. Lawrence's Language of Sacred Experience. "C. Lynn Anderson's writing is insightful, compassionate, profound and inspirational. She speaks with the voice of someone who has been there and continues to go there." Mary Raymer, L.M.S.W., A.C.S.W., International Consultant and Trainer, Social Work Leader - Project on Death in America, and co-author of What Social Workers Do: A Guide to Social Work in Hospice and Palliative Care. "Dr. Anderson has committed herself to re-connecting social work practice with the compassion of heart and the spirit of soul. She walks a healing journey and invites others to walk with her to sustain life and nurture creativity." Jane Hayes, L.M.S.W., A.C.S.W., Assistant Professor - Grand Valley State University, Social Work Educator and Community Activist.
The Great Heart Way
Language: en
Pages: 198
Authors: Ilia Shinko Perez, Gerry Shishin Wick
Categories: Self-Help
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007-01-28 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster

By combining the teachings of Zen with the modern science of psychology, the authors have forged a new path to peace and healing. The method is accessible regardless of spiritual background, and requires less than half an hour a day. Experienced practitioners Gerry Shishin Wick and Ilia Shinko Perez have drawn from a wide array of disciplines to create the Great Heart Method. It transcends the erstwhile limitations of Zen, which sometimes can be used to deny feelings and personal problems, but uses meditation as an effective means of identifying and working through mental blockages. The book focuses on restoring a heart-mind connection, compassionately healing one's wounded inner self, and fully experiencing difficult emotions with nonjudgmental awareness in order to fully transform them.
Good Grief
Language: en
Pages: 160
Authors: Deborah Morris Coryell
Categories: Family & Relationships
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007-08-02 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster

A compassionate guide to the experience of loss as an essential growth process • Explores the nature of loss as a profound mystery shared by all human beings • Offers sensitive and practical advice for experiencing grief and preparing for the healing journey that follows We grieve only for that which we have loved, and the transient nature of life makes love and loss intimate companions. In Good Grief professional grief educator Deborah Morris Coryell describes grief as the experience of not having anywhere to place our love, of losing a connection, an outlet for our emotion. To heal grief we have to learn how to continue to love in the face of loss. In this compassionate guide, Coryell gives inspiring examples of how embracing our losses allows us to awaken our most profound connections to other people. Though our society tends to rank losses in a “hierarchy of grief,” she reminds us that all losses must be grieved in their own right and on their own terms, and that we must honor the “small” losses as well as the “big” ones. Paying attention to even the most minute experiences of loss can help us to be more in tune with our responses to the greater ones, allowing us to once again become part of the rhythm of life from which we have become disconnected.
Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation
Language: en
Pages: 182
Authors: Pamela McCauley Bush
Categories: Mathematics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013 - Publisher: Academic Press

Transforming your STEM Career through Leadership and Innovation offers valuable information on what it means to be a leader and innovator and encourages you to discover and develop these skills for yourself. This book integrates leadership and innovation principles with personal examples and profiles of inspirational women. It is accompanied by a website that features women's leadership success stories, as well as innovation resources and best practices. This book is relevant for women in all stages of their careers and explains the critical need for leadership and innovation right now. By providing a clear process on how to build upon your personal strengths to realize leadership and innovation goals, this book will inspire you to pick up the mantle and meet the critical need for leadership and innovation in the STEM fields Examines research-based leadership and innovation principles to make these critically important characteristics both real and attainable Empowers you to build upon your own strengths and successes to discover and develop leadership and innovation skills Features a companion website that highlights women's leadership success stories, innovation resources and best practices Provides a practical guide that educates, encourages and equips you to pursue leadership and innovation opportunities Includes a companion website that highlights women's leadership success stories, innovation resources and best practices
When Your Heart Is Cracked Wide Open
Language: en
Pages: 70
Authors: TaraLynn Majeska
Categories: Self-Help
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-04-11 - Publisher: BalboaPress

What can you do when your heart is cracked wide open, and you feel like there's no hope? The answer is to use your open heart as a guide to move through life's challenges and rediscover what you are really all about. Heart-breaking traumas, dramas and struggles are often a call to look deeper within to see with a new, more expanded perspective. They call us to love all the broken parts of ourselves so that we may live a life filled with love. When Your Heart is Cracked Wide Open will help you to use your heart as a guide to restore your true identity as a Being of Love so that you may align with your full potential. The ancient Wisdom contained within these pages will fill you with a sense of empowerment, as well as feelings of deep love, compassion, and appreciation for yourself. Ultimately, this book supports you on a new path. It is a path that begins with answering the call and the freedom to create anew, which leads to the wonder of fresh possibilities that you may have missed - had your heart remained closed and unconscious. YOU are the primary factor in navigating through your life and destiny. Let yourself discover how a willingness to examine and release old, worn-out perceptions can reinvent your life.