February 13, 2014  

How Does Truth Bring Victory?


Jesus said that the truth would make us free, but so many times the truth gets muddled with other ideas that seem so close to the truth, yet are so capable of pulling us down into a pit. But what if weakness is the thing that does the pulling? I feel that more times than not, I am weak.

So when I attempt to live for the Lord, I must remember that His Word is the only truth I need to think on and believe.

II Corinthians 12:9 is one such verse that needs to be brought to the forefront when the lies of Satan threaten to take over my mind. “…My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Here’s the #truth: being weak is the best place I can be. It gives God the perfect opportunity to show His power. And it gives me the opportunity to rely on the only One who can give me what I need to be victorious. Even in this battle with food.

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2 Responses to “How Does Truth Bring Victory?”
  1. This is such truth – handing on to the fact that His power if made perfect in our weakness… loved this!

    :) Missy (Blog Hop Team)

  2. He will make us perfect through our weakness. Continue to trust in all He will do for you, Jennifer!

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