January 30, 2014  

Determination: The Path to Victory


I always seem to have a lot of determination at the beginning of a journey, but then, for some reason, my determination wanes. I’m a great starter, but I’ll have to be honest with you, I’m not the greatest finisher.

I’ve started to lose weight many times, but when I achieve a small bit of success, I rationalize that I can enjoy the yummy food.

“It won’t have a hold on me like it has before,” I reason. This is nothing more than pride and it is one of the tactics Satan uses to devour me. He is a master at pride and he knows what to use in each person’s life to bring them down with it.

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I know in my heart that each time I hear him tell me I can “handle it”, it’s a lie. But there’s something inside of me that wants to believe it will be true this time. I want to believe that when I eat the cookie, it won’t sink its claws into me, enslaving me, and it certainly will not show up on my hips!

Yeah, right!! Yet, I fall for the lie.

Over, and over again.

Lysa said on pg. 54 of Made to Crave that it’s “more about embracing a chance for deep and wonderful connections with God.” It isn’t just about turning away from the bad. It’s about turning to the One who will give me the strength I need. When I look at it in this way, the focus moves from the food to the Savior.

The devil whispers the lie that I will never be victorious; I will never be free of this grip.

I find it interesting that the devil is described as a roaring lion. He’s not actually a lion. He’s the master mimicker. There’s only one Lion. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

When I find myself being taunted by the one who pretends to be something he’s not, I need only to run to the One who will protect me, and give me the strength I need to win the battle. He gives me the strength to believe the truth.

The truth is I am victorious (Romans 8:37) and I am set free (Romans 8:1-2)!

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  1. Beautiful post, Jennifer. We all need to run to the One!

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