July 7, 2012  

Confronting Jezebel: Discerning and Defeating the Spirit of Control


Abuse happens everywhere. Unfortunately, it also happens among Christians. It seems that the drive to be in control of another human being does not escape those who claim to follow Christ.

Why does this happen? If we really are followers of Jesus, shouldn’t we want to treat people the way he did? He allowed people to make their own choices. He never manipulated them or tried to make them think a certain way. He just taught them and left the choice to them. (Of course, being God, he knew how to get to the heart of the problem quickly. Yet, he didn’t do this with the motive of trying to control the person.)

However, many people allow the flesh to feed their desire for control. They are not happy unless they have someone else in their clutches.

In his book Confronting Jezebel, Steve Sampson goes into detail on how to identify this kind of person and, most importantly, how to release yourself from their domination. But there is something important to remember. Just because the book has Jezebel’s name on it, that doesn’t mean that this is a gender-specific situation. It can be either a male or female that has allowed the flesh to control them for so long that a spirit like the one Jezebel from the Bible had takes hold.

If a person is in the clutches of an individual like this, it is very difficult to break free. So, how can it be done? Steve gives the reader insight into how this personality works and the steps needed to be taken to be set free.

There are forty different attributes of this spirit. Here are a few:

  • A Jezebel Refuses to Admit Guilt or Wrongdoing
  • Takes Credit for Everything
  • Uses People to Accomplish a Personal Agenda
  • Withholds Information
  • Talks in Confusion
  • Lies Convincingly
  • Ignores People
  • Criticizes Everyone
  • Talks Incessantly
  • Is Pushy and Domineering
  • Sows Seeds of Discord
  • Is Vengeful [1]

and more.

It is by understanding how this spirit works that clarity will come in how to confront this person.  “Although we must be compassionate toward the person in its clutches, we must deal it a death blow. To do so, we have no choice but to allow the Holy Spirit to show us where we are sympathetic and tolerant to the demonic force of Jezebel-not only in church, but in our everyday lives.” [2]

The question we must all ask ourselves is this: Do I have any of these characterisitcs? It is easy to see how other people may be exhibiting this spirit, but it is hard to point the finger at ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to convict us. But, if we do this, our lives we much richer due to the Holy Spirit’s work.

If you want either to learn more about this spirit of control that is dominant in our Christian culture or you need help with someone in your life who has this spirit, you must get this book. Filled with wisdom, your library will not be the same without.

“Steve Sampson has written eight books about the Christian walk. He travels extensively, offering encouragement, faith and healing in the Body of Christ.” [3]


This book was received free of charge for the purpose of writing this review.

1. Confronting Jezebel, by Steve Sampson, chapter 5.

2. Ibid, p. 41.

3. Back of the book, Confronting Jezebel.



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